Remove BKF Corruption to Open XP Backup in Windows 7

After upgrading the Operating System version from Windows XP to windows 7, the most challenging task includes backup restoration in the upgraded version. Due to the absence of the conventional backup utility; it becomes quite difficult to open XP backup in Windows 7 as the backup environment in this version is modified to a greater extent. Moreover, the situation becomes more critical when the BKF files gets corrupted and no original files exists. In this situation it becomes compulsory to rescue data from these files in order to restore it on the newer version and this task can be implemented in few easy steps with the employment of BKF file opener program.

Why to Use Backup Repair Tool?

The tool is integrated with advance programming algorithms that help extracting data from the corrupted backup files through executing scan checks on the files. It is also considered as corrupt backup file opener as it operates files as per the level of corruption such as.

  • For minimal level file corruption, it performs 'Quick Scan' for faster recovery.
  • For higher level damage, the tool executes 'Deep Scan' on files to extract healthy data.
  • For recovering the specified range of data from file, 'Range Based Scan' can be performed.

Moreover, if the files are in healthy state, the tool helps in backup restoration in easier manner especially when you have larger volume of BKF files in account. In this way, the tool serves multiple benefits of data restoration and backup file recovery.

Note: Due to lack of NTBackup restoration utility in Windows 7, the tool can be used as an alternate solution for backup restoration (whether the BKF files are in corrupt or healthy mode).

Explore Extra Advantages Assembled Within the Tool

If still you are searching on how to open XP files in windows 7: you must have a look over the upcoming section as it introduces some advance features you can abstract from the tool.

  • Offers complete recovery from corruption while maintaining the data integrity.
  • Data remains fully secured and is restored in its original structure on disk.
  • The original backup files undergoes read only operation and new files are created.
  • Selective files can be restored while the unnecessary files can be excluded.
  • Time saving mode as scans are performed according to the intensity of damage.
  • Resultant files can be saved at any location on local storage device.
  • Advance search mechanism helps in instant search for particular file.

BKF Corruption or Backup Restoration Issues: No Worries!

The tool is a complete package that can be referred to for resolving all issues related to BKF files. When the backup is restored via this tool, the original formatting and the actual structure of data such as images, presentations, text with special effects, remains intact. Since, corruption can occur anytime; this utility can be considered as one-time investment made for utilizing life-time benefits to restore Windows XP backup to Windows 7.


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