BKF Recovery Tool Access Steps of the Tool Precisely

The steps runs by BKF Recovery software are simple and brief. The complete automatic technology let you not stop at a single place because processing is simple and gets over in few steps only. However, if once you are provided with right steps, it is sure that you will be at easiest most level of repairing BKF files.

How to Open BKF Files In Just 5 Steps

At the primary stage, install and run BKF Repair tool from the default path ‘Start’ then go to ‘Programs’ then ‘BKF Recovery’ Tool

Post running BKF Recovery software, three different scanning options will appear which are comprises of Deep Scan, Quick Scan and Range Based Scan.

Browse & select the .bkf file from its suitable location

Once all the scanning options are visualized, load BKF files for extracting BKF data and then preview of loaded BKF files

Lastly extract BKF files to healthy BKF files and then save at the location convenient to your need.

The above given step by step processing will surely lead you to provide best BKF recovery results.